M&M — my two German conversation partners

Through the German Club at OU, I was connected with two girls from German (both with names beginning with M) to be my conversation partners. They both are Master’s students in petroleum engineering, and speak English fluently. I’ve only taken one semester of German, so the first meeting was mostly in English. I quickly realized that I was nowhere near a conversational level, ┬áso instead they taught me some basic survival vocabulary as we sat outside Second Wind Cafe sipping our chai tea lattes. They helped me work on the German “r” sound as well as o, u, and a umlaut. I was happily surprised to realize that some of the sounds mimic Chinese letters, but then caught myself wanting to reply to German questions in Chinese. I will not be surprised if while in Germany this summer, I accidentally blurt out a few lines in Chinese. I’ve heard that it’s easier to learn a second language once you’ve learned one, but I think German is still pretty difficult, and nothing like Chinese at all. It’s going to be a challenging next few weeks studying abroad, but I look forward to being able to converse proficiently with M&M in German! I hope to meet up with them again in Germany and have a meeting in German instead of English.

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