OU Cousins BBQ and the Boren Effect

The Boren Effect: the frustrating phenomenon that occurs when one attempts to capture a clear photo with President Boren. It occurs most frequently at crowded events in which everyone pushes forward wanting a picture with Boren and the nervous photographer rushes through the delicate process of pressing the capture button on a phone camera, resulting in an unsatisfactory picture to remember the exciting three seconds with OU’s president.


I attended the OU Cousins BBQ this past Tuesday, and I’ll be honest, I’m really disappointed that I didn’t get a decent photo with President Boren. I even tried again with my roommate, and it was blurry also–


But at least I was able to shake his hand.

All this aside, the BBQ was awesome. They had the biggest turnout this year with around 500 people in attendance. We were given a straw cowboy hat and a bandanna upon arrival, ate a classic BBQ dinner, and then tried out some country dances. There was even a mechanical bull!

It was hilarious to watch the international students try to immerse themselves in Southern culture. In actuality, the event was also an opportunity for me to immerse myself in Southern culture, since I group up in suburban Arlington, Texas and was never really fully exposed to it. You probably would never have thought a Texan wouldn’t know how to two-step. But now I know, don’t worry. I’m learning more about my own culture than I thought I would by attending these international events that are meant to educate international students.

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