German Club

The German club hosted an event with cake, coffee, and games, so I went. I was surprised by the number of people who showed up (but I guess since it advertised free ethnic food, I should not have been too surprised). There were definitely more German students in attendance than the number of Chinese students that would normally come to Chinese events, so I had to find a seat on the floor. I managed to make my way over to the table with home-made German cakes, and got a delicious piece of cake topped with whipped cream. We played a game where we tried to guess the meaning of German idioms. My favorite one was about giving a monkey sugar (I don’t remember the exact phrasing). The meaning is essentially to give into one’s desires, which here is symbolized by a monkey. So, after learning this idiom, I gave my monkey some (literal) sugar, and enjoyed another piece of cake. It was interesting and enjoyable to learn more about German culture embodied in the language, and I hope to be able to attend more German club events in the future!

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